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Kobe 8 Grinch on the road in Guangdong, going back to 2007-2008 regular season the first 27, then by virtue of «World of Warcraft» Sampson’s 22 points and 27 rebounds, Liaoning men’s basketball on the road 94:82 win. In that season, Liaoning, Guangdong men’s basketball and men’s basketball in the Finals, the results of the Liaoning team lost to rival 1:4, and since then.Air Jordan XIII 13 Mens;Nike Kobe 6 Grinch;TS Supernatural Creator the two teams played against six seasons 12 times, Liaoning men’s basketball team even without a win, however, this Liaoning men’s basketball season is the best chance to rewrite history. The last round of the league, the Guangdong team of foreign aid Mudi Ai small sprained ankle, so the game will likely Guangdong team played a single foreign aid.Nike LeBron 10;Nike Kobe 5;Nike Hyperdunk 2012 Shoes;Hyperfuse XDR Although the Guangdong team has always been a hit team to rely on domestic players, but also from the data, averaging only 17.7 points, 6 rebounds, 5.9 assists, and inefficient. However, since being sidelined Ethics,again fallen outside Guangdong Basketball locked Hudson afraid no one can of course, the Guangdong team is not without advantages.Air Max 87 Mens Shoes;Lebron 11 Shoes;Hyperdunk 2013 Preview hanging mianzhanpai, One bit hit man shortage, coach Du Feng (microblogging) said: «The need for more domestic players to play the last round of competition, the Guangdong team on the road against Xinjiang when matters worse, not only suffered a defeat, foreign aid Mudi Ai also sprained ankle when he was almost 90 degrees valgus ankle, but fortunately returned to Dongguan examination.Hot Hyperdunk 2013 Preview;Hyperdunk 2013;Cheap Hyperdunk 2013;